Double Row Indusrial Timken Taper Roller Bearing

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Double Row Indusrial Timken Taper Roller Bearing

Product Abstract:

Double-row Tapered Roller Bearings

FRB BEARINGS Produce Double-row Tapered Roller Bearings can replace two single-row tapered roller bearings mounted back-to-back or face-to-face when the required capacity exceeds that of single-row tapered roller bearings. If the tapered roller bearing contact lines converge away from the bearing axis, the bearing is more tolerant to misalignment. If they converge toward the axis, the tapered roller bearing has higher resistance to moment loading, but lower tolerance for misalignment.

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Product Description

FRB BEARINGS Tapered roller bearings are a unique subset of axial roller bearings in which the rollers are tapered rather than straight right cylindrical. The roller shape allows thrust loads to be withstood in addition to the radial loads.

The inner and outer ring raceways and rollers of these bearings are made with a taper so that the surface planes of the raceways and roller axis meet at a point. The rollers are guided by a flange on the inner ring. Tapered roller bearings are separable, and have the following components: outer ring, inner ring and roller assembly. The non-separable inner ring and roller assembly is called the 'cone', and the outer ring is called the 'cup'. Internal clearance is established during mounting by the axial position of the cone relative to the cup.

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Double Row Indusrial Timken Taper Roller Bearing   35xxxx Series

Product Description
FRB BEARINGS Double-row Taper Roller Bearings

Below please find  the reference number of Double-row Taper Roller Bearings, and click the number to see more details and specifications.
1.Single-row Tapered roller bearings
2.Two-row Tapered roller bearings
3.Four-row Tapered roller bearings
4.Inch Tapered roller bearings

FRB BEARINGS Taper Roller Bearings Process Flow: 

Every step to process Taper Roller Bearings is controlled strictly, from raw material to packaging



Inside,outside surface and raceway are spreaded with antirust & lubricate grease.Inner package is made of plastic film,and then compositive kraft,out package is enlaced with flax pieces.


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