Slewing Drive for rotation Of Ship Cranes

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Slewing Drive for rotation Of Ship Cranes

Product Abstract:

W Series

W series slewing drive is similar to the WE, but the difference is use open housing base with lower costs, you can always monitor the using of equipment, easy maintenance.

●W Series slewing drive is use in the indoor or outdoor under the buildings, it can reduce the costs compare with the enclosed.
●W series slewing drive is easy for maintenance and monitor in any time.
●FRB BEARINGS are heat-treated the products tooth surface and raceways, greatly enhancing service life

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Product Description

FRB BEARINGS using combined designing achieved better rigidity, impact resistance stronger, able to withstand the harsh environment of the desert and others.

Solar Tracker Engineering Machinery Slewing drive with worm Gear
1.Warranty: 12 months
2.OEM service
3.Sample available
4.Technical Support

Slewing Drive for rotation Of Ship Cranes   W Series

Product Description
FRB BEARINGS Slew Drive W Series Drawing: Following is FRB BEARINGS slew drive bearing W Series drawing.

FRB BEARINGS Slew Drive W Series Electric Motors: We supply electric motors and hydraulic motors to work with slew drive W Series. Please find motors parameters in the following.

Below please find  the reference number of Slewing drive with worm Gear, and click the number to see more details and specifications.
1.Enclosed Slewing Drive
2.Precise Slewing Drive
3.Open Housing Slewing Drive
4.Slew Drive with Worm Gear




FRB BEARINGS Slew Drive Application
1)solar industry
2)truck cranes
3)man lifts
4)utility equipment
5)hydraulic attachments
6)oil tool equipment
7)marine cranes
8)tire handlers
9)digger derricks
10)automotive lifts

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