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Dual axis slew drive


FRB BEARINGS provides Worm & Spur Gear Slew Drives to worldwide, as well as Slewing Ring Bearings. We are proud to provide high quality yet cost-efficient,China made products.

We offer custom engineered solutions in addition to a wide range of standardized bolt-in systems.

What is a Slew Drive?

A slew drive is a complete, ready to install system that consists of a ball or roller slewing ring (bearing), drive train, and completely enclosed housing. It can be customized with electric or hydraulic motors, brakes, planetary gearboxes, corrosion protection, and many other options.

Ensure you are moving forward faster than the competition. Contact us to find out how slew drives will impact your efficiency.

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Enclosed Slewing Drive

An FRB Worm Gear Slew Drive from the Enclosed Slewing Drive

Open Housing Slewing Drive

An FRB Heavy-Duty Worm Gear Slew Drive from the Precise Slewing Drive

Precise Slewing Drive

An FRB Spur Gear Slew Drive from the Open-Housing-Slewing-Drive

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What advantages do FRB Slew Drives offer?

FRB Slew drives decrease costs by replacing complex in-house systems in machines that rotate heavy loads and require functionality and innovation. They have an unlimited slewing angle and range, move smoothly and jolt-free (no slip/stick effect), and provide the most efficient transmission of high power and torque possible. Their completely enclosed and sealed housing withstands harsh environments and increases safety.

Solar tracker slewing drive

Telescopic handler slewing drive

Drilling rig slewing drive

Hydraulic machinery slewing drive

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