Why is the robot arm best suited to use cross roller bearings?

Robot arm cross roller bearing

The extension and lateral movement of the robot arm belong to the linear motion.The reciprocating linear motion of the arm has many forms, such as piston oil (gas) cylinder, pinion rack and pinion mechanism, lead screw nut mechanism and connecting rod mechanism.Because of the small volume and light weight of the piston oil cylinder, the bearing is more used in the arm structure of the robot.

There are many kinds of mechanisms to realize the rotating motion of robot arm. The commonly used ones are vane rotary cylinder, gear drive mechanism, sprocket drive mechanism, piston cylinder and connecting rod mechanism.The most suitable bearing for the robot arm is the cross roller bearing.Why?

First,the inner and outer ring dimensions of the cross roller bearings are miniaturized to a minimum, especially the ultra-thin structure is a small size close to the limit and has high rigidity.So it's best for the joints or rotations of industrial robots.

Second, because the roller of cross roller bearing is intersected, only one set of cross roller shaft ring can bear the load in all directions. Compared with the traditional model, the rigidity is improved by 3~4 times.At the same time, because the inner ring or outer ring of the cross-roller bearing is a two-segment structure, the bearing clearance can be adjusted, and the high precision rotary motion can be obtained even when the preload is applied.

Third, because the roller in the 90 ° V groove rolling surface by interval retainer is perpendicular arrangement, this design makes cross roller bearings can bear larger radial load, axial load and torque load, etc. All the direction of the load.

The arms of industrial robots generally have two to three degrees of freedom, that is, expansion, rotation or pitch.The total weight of the arm is large, and the force is generally complex. When moving, it directly bears the static and dynamic load of the wrist, hand and workpiece (or tool). Especially when moving at high speed, it will produce large inertial force (or inertia moment), cause impact and affect the accuracy of positioning.

It can be seen from the above points that the cross-roller bearing is the most suitable bearing for robot.FRB Bearings is a professional manufacturer of cross roller bearing, choose us,you would get high quality bearings.

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