What should be paid attention to during slewing drive loading and unloading?

slewing drive storage

Now in the market, many different kinds of slewing drive, slewing bearing drive in the process of loading and unloading transportation will encounter all sorts of problems, if improper handling, can cause damage of slew drive, cannot use in machinery production, cause the waste of funds, so What should be paid attention to during slewing drive loading and unloading?

First of all, judging by market reputation manufacturers strength, to know the slewing bearing manufacturer with market reputation, and is not packing up, but because people buy products, have high user experience, users can help enterprises promote the products, under the accumulation of time, products let many people and has a good reputation.

Secondly, as a common metal product, it must be prevented from rust, so it is very necessary to store it in a dry place.Even in such an environment, we also need to pay attention to, the surface with a layer of transparent lacquer layer or put some special antirust oil is very necessary, because we are in the store can't guarantee it dry environment for a long time, probably because of some unavoidable environment resulting in the damp environment, if there is no security measures, is likely to cause rust, affect the use of it.In addition, we try to keep it away from chemicals that may cause corrosion or chemical reactions in the slewing bearings during storage.

Slewing drive is a metal manufactured product, so easy to produce rust, corrosion and other problems.When we learn how to storage,we can make better use it and would reduce purchasing cost.If you have any questions,please feel free to let us

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