What's the reason of cross roller bearing temperature raise?

cross roller bearings

Cross cylindrical roller bearing high temperature is a common fault of rotating equipment, which will reduce the bearing service life and increase the maintenance cost. When the temperature rises fast and the temperature exceeds the standard, it is easy to cause unplanned shutdown or load reduction of the unit, which has a great impact on economic benefits.Therefore, it is the guarantee of the continuous safe operation of the equipment to quickly determine the cause of the fault and take proper measures to solve it.

The reasons for cross cylindrical roller bearings temperature rise are as follows:

First: Does the quality of the lubricant deteriorate?If the lubricating oil viscosity is large, the precision cross roller bearing temperature will increase.

Second: The cross roller bearing clearance is too small, and insufficient clearance will lead to the increase of cross cylindrical roller bearing temperature;

Third: Cross cylindrical roller bearing assembly is too tight will also lead to temperature rise;

Fourthly: The rotation of cross roller shaft seat ring on the shaft or in the shell will also lead to the its temperature increase;

Fifth: Cross roller axle ring load is too large will also lead to temperature rise;

Sixth: if the intersecting roller bearing isolation block or rolling body breaks, the internal foreign body impurities, and so on, will also cause the temperature rise.

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