What's The Appliaction Of Slewing Ring Bearings?

What's The Appliaction Of Slewing Ring Bearings?

Slewing ring bearing are widely used in large size slewing equipment including hoisting & transport machinery, digging machinery, constructional engineering machinery, port machinery, wind power generation, armamentarium, radar, missile launcher. Slewing ring bearing is generally used in the areas when a slewing is needed.
1. Wind power generation
2. Marine hoisting machinery
3. Ocean plantform hoisting machinery
4. Seaport mobilecrane
5. Stacker reclaimer
6. Ferris wheel
7.Ship unloader
8. Tower crane
9.Radar antenna
10. Shield machinery
12. Construction machinery
Slewing ring bearing used in construction machinery are usually the Four-Contact Ball in small size, the diameter is less than 2 meters.

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