What caused the damage to the YRT rotary table bearings?

YRT Rotary table bearings

YRT rotary table bearing has also gained great development space.However, some quality issues also emerge.So what caused the damage to the YRT rotary table bearings?FRB Bearings would let you know the reason.

Incorrect installation method
1. Use brute force when installing, and directly strike the bearing with hammer to hurt the bearing the most;Is the main cause of deformation.

2. If the mounting is not in place, there is deviation in the mounting or not installed to the bearing position, resulting in too small bearing clearance.The inner and outer rings are not in the same center of rotation, resulting in different centers.

Therefore, suitable YRT rotary table bearing mounting tools must be selected, and special instruments shall be used to detect after installation.

Incorrect lubrication method
According to the investigation, bad lubrication is one of the main causes of premature damage of YRT rotary table bearings.The main reasons include: not filling lubricant or lubricant in time;Lubricant or lubricant is not filled in place;Improper selection of lubricant or lubricant;Incorrect lubrication, etc.

Therefore, YRT rotary table bearing must use special grease, and the outer diameter of the bearing has special lubricating oil hole for easy filling.

Pollution of bearings
Pollution can also lead to premature damage of YRT rotary table bearings. Pollution refers to sand and metal dust entering the bearing interior.The main reasons include: to open the bearing package prematurely before use, causing pollution;The working environment is not clean during installation, causing pollution;The working environment of bearing is not clean and the working medium is polluted.

Therefore, it is better not to disassemble the bearing packaging before use;Keep the installation environment clean and clean the bearing to be used.The sealing device of the strengthened bearing.

Fatigue failure of YRT rotary table bearings
Fatigue failure is a common failure mode of YRT rotary table bearings.Common causes of fatigue failure may be: bearing long-term overload operation;Not timely maintenance;Improper maintenance;Equipment aging, etc.

To sum up, the use and installation of bearings require professional technical support to ensure the good use of bearings, thus improving the service life of bearings and avoiding premature damage of YRT rotary table bearings.

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