What are the selection tips for slewing ring bearings?

slewing ring bearings

In the mechanical industry, slewing bearing has been widely used, because the development of slewing ring, varieties are increasing, and how to choose the slewing bearing using in machinery, we must have some understanding.Let me follow FRB Bearings staff to learn about some of the slewing bearing selection techniques.

Bearing type selection
Bearing type is generally chosen by the user's technical personnel according to the use conditions of the supporting products and the bearing load.The sales mainly know whether the actual load of the user is consistent with the selected bearing. If the bearing fails to meet the use demands, the customer should be advised to change the model as soon as possible.

Bearing clearance selection
When the user buys the bearing, he/she will only tell the type and grade of the bearing, and rarely put forward requirements on the clearance of the bearing. The business personnel must ask the bearing operating conditions, in which the speed, the bearing temperature and tolerance are directly related to the choice of bearing clearance.Generally, the motor with a speed below 3500 revolutions/min usually adopts CM clearance. For example, high temperature and high speed motors require relatively large clearance.After mounting, the bearing clearance will be reduced due to the swelling of the inner hole and the reduction of the outer circle. The clearance reduction is equal to the overfilling quantity x 60%(except that the bearing chamber is aluminum).For example, the clearance before bearing assembly is 0.01mm, and the over-weight during assembly is 0.01mm, and the clearance after bearing assembly is 0.004mm.In theory, the bearing noise and life at zero clearance are in the best state, but the temperature rise and other issues are taken into account in the actual operation, so it is better for the bearing to have a clearance of 0.002mm-0.004mm after assembly.

Bearing seal style selection
Bearing lubrication can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication.Oil lubricated bearings are generally selected form bearings, grease lubricated bearings are generally selected dust cover or rubber sealing.The dust cover is suitable for high temperature or good use environment, and the sealing parts can be divided into two types: contact sealing and non-contact sealing.

Grease choice
The selection of grease is generally based on the bearing speed, temperature resistance, noise requirements and starting torque, etc. Business personnel are required to understand the performance of various oils.

Of course, in the process of using the bearing, the main daily matters of the bearing should also be understood. Knowing these about the use of the bearing is about the same as mastering it. Only knowing each link of the bearing can better use the efficiency of the bearing and extend the bearing service life.

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