The lubricating grease also has a great influence on YRT turntable bearings

YRT turntable bearing is a high precision bearing which is produced by the rotary table.Every step in its production is very important.FRB BEARINGS generally used Germany imported grease , to ensure high precision characteristic of precision bearing.

FRB BEARINGS is a company specializing in the production of high precision bearings manufacturers, so for high precision YRT rotary bearing lubrication problem also has a very thorough understanding.The lubrication will affect the precision of high precision bearing and even the life of the bearing will be affected.

The influence of lubrication on the performance of precision rotary table bearings can be divided into the following aspects:

1. It is to lubricate all parts of the bearing to reduce the friction and wear of the bearing;

2. The rolling contact surface of the bearing often forms an appropriate oil film to extend the fatigue life of the bearing;

3. The heat generated by friction or other reasons is taken away from the bearing by lubrication;

4. The bearing can be protected against rust and dust by lubrication.

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