The application of slewing ring bearings

the application of slewing bearings


FRB BEARINGS product range includes slewing ring,slewing drive,thin-walled ball bearings,crossed roller bearings,high precision bearings.

All our bearings offer compact dimensions,an extended working life,easy installation,and the highest of reliability and safetly.

Here we would like to introduce the application of slewing ring bearings:

1) Trailer: This type of bearing is used for various occasions, the most important of which is the transportation industry, agricultural trailer, irrigation system and airport luggage rack. In vehicle applications, bearing axial load, radial load and torque are transmitted. In other applications, they mostly deliver axial loads. FRB BEARINGS specialized in manufacturing trailer rotary bearings.

2) Wind power: the bearing of wind generator usually includes yaw bearing, variable oar bearing, transmission system bearing (spindle and gearbox bearing). FRB BEARINGS provides yaw bearings and variable oar bearings for customers. The yaw bearing is installed in the connecting part of the tower and the cockpit, and the variable oar bearing is installed at the base of each blade and the hub connection part. Each wind generator USES a set of yaw bearings and three variable oar bearings.

3) Solar energy: rotating solar panels is a great way to increase energy. Because FRB BEARINGS have a very compact design, they supply the largest solar electric field in Europe.

4) Medical devices: FRB BEARINGS the development of high precision, low noise, high life, high reliability series medical equipment spindle rotary slewing bearing, has been widely applied in the gamma knife, CT, mri machine and other large medical equipment.

5) Robot: industrial robot and other equipment. The FRB turntable bearing is mounted on the joint of the robot, which can achieve an incredibly high and tight rotation movement.

FRB BEARINGS is pleased to solve the problem of bearings for you. Please contact us for any questions.

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