Select the precision specifications for the XRU cross-roller bearing

XRU cross roller bearings for inside and outside the circle shape design, as the inner and outer ring have been processing the mounting holes, so do not need a fixed flange and brackets, shorten the axial space distance, optimize the use of institutions; In addition, due to arrange ushering the integration of internal and external ring structure, the installation will have little impact on performance, thus can obtain stable rotation precision and torque, rotation mechanism, the outer ring and inner ring are widely used in robot waist joints, welding multi-station rotary table, communications, radar, precision measuring instrument and so on.

We know that there are several important points in selecting cross-roller bearings.
1.To determine the conditions of use;
2.Choose type;
3.Rotation torque;

XRU cross roller bearing installation step:

1.Check the pre-installation parts Thoroughly clean the support or other installation parts and confirm whether there is any burrs or edges.

2.Insert the cross-roller bearings into the brackets or shafts Because of the thin wall bearing, the insertion is prone to tilt. In order to prevent this kind of phenomenon, please keep level, with uniform plastic hammer knock, bit by bit will cross roller bearing insert or shaft brackets, carefully until confirmed by sound and completely close to the datum.

3.Fixed flange installation
3.1 The fixed flange is placed on the cross-roller bearing, and the fixed flange is moved several times to match the position of the bolt hole.
3.2 To insert a fixed bolt into the hole and turn the bolt by hand, make sure no bolts are hard to wring when the bolt is out of the way.
3.3 Fixed bolt locking by incomplete lock to full lock can be divided into three or four stages, according to the order of the diagonal tightened repeatedly, when tighten the segmentation of the inner ring and outer ring, a body of outer ring and inner ring rotation a bit, can be fixed inside and outside the ring with the principal part of deviation.

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