Industrial robots are driving the development of the luoyang cross roller bearing industry

Cross roller bearings are key components in industrial robot, the existing bearing the national standard is not perfect, can not meet the industrial robot bearing design, production and inspection.FRB Bearings production enterprises and related products and standard, after repeated the process test and innovation spirit, in the custom requirements and on the basis of a lot of experimental data, and formed their own enterprise standards, in the robot cross roller bearing and harmonic reducer bearing design concept, the principle of process, inspection specifications, products have made a breakthrough in such aspects as technical standards.

As the key industrial robots form a complete set of special cross roller bearing, the robot operation stability and repeat positioning accuracy, precision and reliability of work has important influence on key performance indicators. At present, robots with bearing sort is more, such as thin-walled deep groove ball bearings, thin-walled angular contact ball bearings, thin-walled four-point contact ball bearings, thin-walled cross roller bearing and harmonic reducer bearing, etc. Due to the thin-walled cross roller bearing is under combined load capacity, high precision, small friction torque, light weight, stable running, etc, and the rotating precision of good, is a simple installation, bear the larger axial and radial load, greatly save installation space, etc., therefore tends to be applied to industrial robot waist, elbow, wrist, etc.

With the development of advanced manufacturing industry, large-scale construction machinery industry, automobile, home appliance, bearings manufacturing and other industries, the demand for industrial robots is also increasing. The robot, which is a key part of the robot, will be used in the future. Foreign well-known bearing enterprises have developed in the 1980 s for robot parts seriation occupy supporting cross roller bearing, for the robot industry provides about 80% to meet the need of robot basic components, to form a complete set of the rapid development of industrial robots have laid a solid technical foundation.

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