How to quickly remove the rust on the slewing bearings?

Stainless steel bearing

Slewing bearings is widely used and is one of the new mechanical parts.Sometimes, rust will be unavoidable during the slewing bearings operation. How to deal with it?Today we will introduce a few quick rust removal methods.You can refer to that.

The slewing bearings rust will not only affect the appearance of accessories, but also affect the slewing bearings normal use.Therefore, it is necessary to remove rust from slewing bearings.The following methods can be used:

1) Soak slewing ring in rust slot: slewing bearing immersed in 5% and 0.6% in the aqueous solution of sodium carbonate, sodium nitrite in this way the swing bearing antirust effect is also very effective, the disadvantage is that: the antirust groove when soaking method of operation to a lot of rust tank and other equipment to assist, will take up a lot of space, and governance and management also is not very convenient.

2) Anti-rust oil is applied to the slewing ring, namely, anti-rust oil is applied to the slewing bearing surface. After using this method, it is necessary to clean the slewing bearing, which is relatively troublesome.

3) The water can be rinsed with sodium nitrite water solution every day through the spray anti-rust process, and the water solution can be sucked out of the water tank through the rubber pipe to the shower head, and then scour the ring like spray.This method is very remarkable, and the anti-rust industry is also relatively simple, is a very ideal anti-rust method.

Above is some small methods about the slewing bearing derusting, you can choose some methods which own operation more convenient to use, hope to give you help.Welcome to visit FRB Bearings!

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