How to prevent breakage of slewing bearing teeth?

slewing ring bearings

Slewing bearing broken teeth are a serious phenomenon, which will directly affect the normal use of rotary table bearing, and even ruin of rotary table bearing. Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of rotary table bearing broken teeth, it is very important to do preventive work in advance.In order to prevent the bearing of the slewing ring from breaking teeth, the reasons for slewing bearing should be clarified first.

The slewing bearing broken teeth are not allowed to be caused by the following reasons:

1. Installation reasons:
1) Improper side clearance adjustment of gear during installation, which fails to meet the requirements, resulting in poor meshing of two gears during operation, resulting in broken teeth. In this case, it should be strictly required to adjust side clearance.

2) The pinion jump gear was not adjusted according to the requirements, thus causing the pinion gear and the pinion jump to get in contact with each other at the maximum position.The gear and pinion shall be adjusted for meshing and shall be tested after adjustment as required.

3) The axis of the big and small gears is not parallel. After installation, the big and small gears do not mesh well, resulting in broken teeth.

4) The mounting bolts of slewing bearing are not fixed tightly, and the large and small gears do not mesh well, resulting in broken teeth. The bolts should be tightened as required.

2. Usage reasons:
1) Violation of operating procedures, overload and high-speed rotation, host collision (sweep) obstacles, etc., shall be operated strictly according to operating procedures.

2) When the bearing of rotary table and the pinion mesh, foreign matter gets stuck in, and the size of the gear should be kept clean and checked frequently.

These are the reasons for the slewing bearing broken teeth, and we also pointed out some methods to prevent the slewing ring broken teeth, hoping to provide help to the majority of users, so as to better use the slewing ring bearing.

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