How to maintain the non-standard bearing?


Bearings are usually divided into standard and non-standard bearings.We have learned the maintenance of standard bearing. But how to maintain the non-standard bearing?

Non-standard bearing surface cleaning method:
1.Non-standard bearing surface cleaning: the cleaning must be selected according to the nature of the surface of the rustproof material and the conditions at that time.Solvent cleaning, chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning are commonly used.

2.non-standard bearing surface available filter after dry clean dry compressed air blow dry, or in 120 ~ 170 ℃ in the dryer to dry, also can use clean cloth to wipe dry.

Non-standard bearing coating for anti-rust oil:
1.Soaking method: some small articles are soaked in anti-rust grease, and the surface adheres to a method of anti-rust grease.Oil film thickness can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of anti-rust grease.

2.Non-standard bearing brush coating is used for outdoor building equipment or special shaped products that are not suitable for soaking or spraying. When brushing, be careful not to produce piles, and also to prevent leakage.

3.The spray method can not be used for the large scale anti-rust products, and it is generally used to spray the air in the clean place with a filter compressed air of about 0.7Mpa.Spray method is suitable for solvent dilution type anti-rust oil or thin layer anti-rust oil.

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