How much do you know about the maintenance of excavator slewing bearings?

Excavator slewing bearing

The large excavator slewing bearings is the main part of the whole machine. How much do you know about its maintenance?

1. Slewing bearing maintenance
When we open the cover plate next to the base of the big arm, we can observe the lubrication and wear of the big ring cavity. With the use of the machine, the dustproof ring at the center of rotation will appear aging. In case of rainy days, rain water will infiltrate into the big gear ring cavity along the leakage gap of the center of rotation and cause water accumulation on swing bearings. This will greatly affect the service life of the slewing bearings.

During the working process of excavator, the butter in the cavity is diluted by water and the lubricating effect is not up to standard, which will aggravate the wear of the gear ring. In addition, the iron on the gear ring will be peeled by soaking for another time, which will finally lead to abnormal rotary noise. The most serious is the gear failure.

Inspection and maintenance: general slewing gear inspection and oil replacement cycle is every 2000 hours or a year, 20 tons of machine butter filling capacity is about 36 liters (two barrels). Open the large arm base and front square cover periodically to check the gear ring and lubrication. The maintenance or the discovery of water can be to the bottom of the X cavity open the cover plate to release water.

2. Slewing bearing repair
In the maintenance of slewing bearings users generally exist error, think that the rotary bearing lubricants and large forearms of the same lubrication cycle, every day. In fact, such actions have the opposite effect. If the lubrication cycle is too short, too much lubricating oil in the bearing will break the dustproof ring and leak out. There will also be leakage of impurities into the bearing interior, never damage the normal operation of the bearing.

Caterpillar recommends that slewing bearings be lubricated every 250 hours. Butter, at the same time with up and down in the taxi to rotating machines at the same time, every 15 ° to play a full gun lubricating oil is enough. In different applications, you can adjust the lubrication period according to your working strength, usually one week or so can be lubricated.

Too much lube will be too much, too little will also speed up wear of accessories, in the work is not easy to use. So understanding every part of the excavator is the way to reduce the problem.

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