Cross roller bearing's application in hollow rotating platform

cross roller bearings

The hollow rotating platform not only has a new structure characteristic, but also has many advantages, such as high repeat positioning accuracy, high rigidity and high rotation precision, so that it can be matched arbitrarily in motor selection.Hollow rotating platform of rotary table is supported by a set of precision cross roller bearing, bearing of the staggered roller is 90 degrees, and roller diameter slightly larger than between the bearing inner ring and outer ring raceway size, cross roller bearing inner and outer ring and roller, prestressing force between the bearing support servo turntable rotating platform is to bearing the radial, axial and overturning moment, its rigidity is 10 times more than traditional bearing.

As a set of high-precision cross roller bearing is its main supporting surface, it is necessary for the bearing to have good accuracy and quality assurance.At the same time, the roller of high-precision cross roller bearing has high rigidity and bearing capacity because of the cross roller arrangement.FRB Bearings are specialized in the production of high-precision cross roller bearings, we have always adhered to the requirements of the quality of the bearings, and constantly strive to produce high-precision bearings for many hollow rotating platform manufacturers.

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