Bearing Engineering Consulting and Design

Bearing Engineering Consulting and Design

The core of FRB Bearings is our ability to work with our customers on unique designs and applications and provide innovative and cost efficient solutions. Since we specialize in precision devices and related products, we are indeed "precision bearing experts."

Armed with years of application knowledge and precision instrumentation, our team of design engineers and specialists offers more than a century of combined expertise that able them to evaluate the pros and cons of a bearing for a specific application.

Together we can create cost-efficient solutions to your demanding specifications, often with tolerances measured in millionths of an inch. We invite you to visit our facility and we welcome the opportunity to visit yours, in effort to offer solutions to your full range of needs.

FRB Bearings' In-House Technical Laboratory

Our technical laboratory is equipped with the most advanced precision instruments and computerized equipment to evaluate bearing applications quickly and effectively. The unique "FRB Bearing Analysis System" evaluates bearings from several perspectives, including load and speed requirements and environmental factors that may affect performance.

Send us
the specifications or samples of the bearings you currently use. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons and make recommendations accordingly. It's not unusual that we can offer superior quality plus cost savings.  This special program has been so effective that many bearing *manufacturers* have used FRB's engineering and design services themselves.


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