Analysis of slewing bearing gear machining efficiency

Gear hobbing processing

During the whole cycle from the forging to the finished product to the customer, the tooth processing takes up a lot of time.

In recent years, in order to meet slewing bearing processing on the improvement of machining precision, production efficiency requirements,the technology of gear hobbing is developing towards full numerical control, zero transmission, high speed, high precision and intelligence,hobbing takes up about 45% of the total slewing bearing manufactured. and for large diameter, large modulus of slewing ring processing, milling teeth also reflect the machining accuracy, efficiency, programming and other features.Slewing bearing is a kind of large bearing with low speed and heavy load, usually with inner ring or outer ring with teeth, which is used to connect two large parts requiring relative rotation, and widely used in engineering machinery, wind power equipment, port machinery and other fields.

In recent years, due to the country's great investment in infrastructure, new energy equipment and other fields, the market demand for slewing bearing has also increased sharply, and the phenomenon of short supply often occurs.The tooth processing is the longest process in the production process of slewing bearing, and it is also one of the most important factors restricting the production efficiency of slewing bearing.

The traditional slewing bearing gear processing has two methods: insert teeth and hobbing teeth.In recent years in the slewing bearing industry gradually popularize a high speed milling tooth processing method, using the copying principle processing, the machine tool price is expensive, each time the feed quantity is large, the processing efficiency is high.It can be seen that the milling tooth and the hobbing tooth processing in efficiency and cost of equipment have advantages and disadvantages.In the case of sufficient market demand, slewing bearing ring milling tooth processing efficiency is better than gear hobbing, milling tooth processing cost is lower than gear hobbing.

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