Agricultural machinery slewing ring bearings

slewing ring bearings

FRB agricultural machinery slewing ring structure is characterized by using flange Bearings, formed in the ring raceway for single row ball bearing, with a full, no gasket.These slewing bearings are neither toothed nor provided with washers and are provided with a surface coating to prevent corrosion.

Low speed rotation, single volleyball flanged slewing bearings for filling machines can withstand axial loads of up to several hundred kilograms.

Special technical features:
FRB Bearings agricultural machinery slewing bearing must be fixed hole, used to install bolts, or ring can be directly welded to the supporting frame.

Application of agricultural machinery sewing bearing:
FRB Bearings agricultural machinery slewing ring used for various applications, such as: agriculture trailer;Automatically wind hose reel for watering;Atomizer for trailer fertilization;Light dust collector;Etc.

FRB Bearings how to guarantee the quality of agricultural slewing bearing?

A. Product appearance:
It mainly includes finished appearance, fixture repair, burr, tooth knife repair and finished color.

B. product technology:
Our company added two or three processes in the production process to ensure product quality.As a matter of fact, we have increased the cost, but we are willing to keep the same product price with our customers.

C. Quality management system certification:
The company has passed the iso9001:2015 quality management system certification approved by China classification society (CCS).From raw material procurement, sales orders, manufacturing and product delivery, the quality management system is strictly in accordance with ISO quality management system, more rigorous and professional.More authority.

D. Test method:
Our company's product testing is divided into self-inspection, inspection and final inspection.The final inspection is a lifelong liability system, and any process to determine the product is traceable, and quality is controlled in accordance with iso9001:2015 quality system standards.This number is unique.

E. Heat treatment:
Heat treatment process is the core of product manufacturing process.Our company USES advanced heat treatment equipment to improve product quality and service life.

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