8 points for illustrating what need to notice when using slewing bearing?

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If we know what to do with something, we can use it better and extend its life.The same is true of the slewing bearing, we only know what to pay attention to during the use of the bearing, to avoid, to run it better.So, what do you pay attention to when using slewing bearing?Here are eight points to illustrate:

1. Slewing bearing is coated with a small amount of NO. 2 or NO. 3 lithium grease in the raceway when it is manufactured, and the user should refill the new grease according to different working conditions.

2. During the operation of the slewing bearing, lubricant grease should be regularly added. Generally, ball slewing bearing should be lubricated once every 100 hours, and roller slewing bearing should be lubricated once every 50 hours.Special working environment, such as high temperature, humidity, dust, temperature changes and continuous work, should shorten the lubrication cycle.When filling grease, slowly rotate the slewing ring to make the grease fill evenly.

3. The slewing bearing with inner or outer teeth shall be regularly cleared of debris and coated with the corresponding grease.

4. According to different operating conditions, customers can select different grease according to specific requirements to meet work requirements with optimal performance.

5. After the first 100 hours of operation, the pre-tightening force of bolts should be checked. After each 500 hours of operation, sufficient pre-tightening force must be maintained.

6. Attention should be paid to the operation of the slewing bearing during operation. If abnormal conditions such as noise, shock and sudden increase of power are found, the bearing should be stopped immediately for inspection and troubleshooting.

7. Do not directly flush the slewing bearing with water in use to prevent water from entering the raceway and prevent hard foreign objects from approaching or entering the tooth mesh area.

8. Check the sealing conditions regularly. If the sealing ring is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

After the introduction of notes for using slewing bearing, you will find that the bearings are in operation, not regardless of, or to be constantly observed, attention, as soon as any abnormal situation can be solved in time to ensure the smooth operation.Bearing service life and the user has a certain relationship, the more maintenance, the longer service life.Therefore, in order to extend the slewing bearing service life, you must know its use precautions.

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