5 Steps to maintain Thin Section Bearing

Precision thin section ball bearings

Thin Section Bearing have the advantage of Low friction torque, high rigidity, good rotation accuracy.

And it is smaller and lighter than normal bearing. So it enlarge its' scope of application. Thin section bearing is now popular in the world market, to provide our customers with more considerate service,here we introduce you the steps to maintain it:

1.Remove the wheels, remember to put their screws in a certain place to avoid losing them.

2.Remove the thin section bearing, the wheel core is very tight and is hard to tear it down , you can dig it down with the hexagon wrench. relax, you don't need to worry about the thin section bearing for it is not easy to be damaged!

3.Use toothbrush to brush the dirt on the surface of the bearing off.

4.Determine whether your thin section bearing is removable, some bearings are removable, but some are not. You can judge it by checking whether it has a C shape ring side cover at the edge of the bearing side cover. If it has C shape ring, it is removable,if it doesn’t, it is not removable.If it is removable,then it will be very simple! You can use Precision screwdriver to pry up the C ring, then get the side cover off.(you only need to get one side off).

You also need to put all the parts  together in a certain place for you may want to put them back after washing. If it is not detachable, then it may be troublesome! Destructive method may take into should put precision screw driver into the seam of the side cover, pry up the side cover in a strong force, don't doubt, that's right, but the side cover can't go back anyway! Just throw it away. Remember, just tear one side down, it will not work if both sides is ruined !

5.When all the bearing side cover is removed, you can begin to wash! Scouring bearing with the cleaning solvent. Remember to take proper protection for the cleaning solvent because it is poisonous.

We will be pleased if the steps mentioned above is useful, and if you need anymore detailed information for thin section bearing, please visit our website:

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