4-point thin wall bearing help you achieve the design high performance, low cost

thin walled bearings

Internal coordination and anti-corrosion requirements:
Thin-walled four-point contact ball bearings can improve internal coordination and meet the desired performance requirements.The bearing with preloaded is used for high stiffness and the bearing with radial clearance is used for low friction torque

In addition, standard cross roller bearings usually have no corrosion protection and are used in extreme environments for custom sealing, special application grease and high temperature adaptation.

The plating
According to the super-strong anti-corrosion requirements, the thin and tight chromium coating can be provided to endow AISI440C with stronger anti-corrosion capability.Unlike many conventional chromium plating, the coating does not peel or flake off under pressure, thus maintaining corrosion resistance and minimizing wear.The properties of the coating have been demonstrated in key military, aerospace and deep space applications.

Seal/dust proof
Standard industrial seals are usually made of nitrile butadiene rubber.Thin-walled four-point contact ball bearings can also provide customized seals such as silicone rubber and Vi materials to meet high temperatures and other possible extremes.

Temperature ability
Standard cross roller bearing load when the highest working temperature is only about 100 ℃.In contrast, thin-walled four-point contact ball bearings can operate at higher temperatures due to their special heat treatment processes.

Lubrication options
The thin-walled four-point contact ball bearing provides a full range of lubricants, enabling you to improve the performance of the bearing in special applications such as moisture-proof, high-temperature, low-temperature, vacuum, and low-torque applications.

Many of the cross roller bearing separator are non-metallic composites.Non-standard material or non-standard design for high temperature and/or horizontal shaft applications.

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