Cross Roller Bearing Information

Structure and Features

CrossedRollerBearing becauseof itsverticalarrangementoftaperedrollerwitha90°V through the separate separator in the deep groove rolling surface, compared to other kinds of bearings, hasincreasedrigiditytoalargeextent. Therefore, asetof crossedrollerbearingcan support radial load, axial load and loading moment fromall directions.

At the same time, cross roller bearing is a lightweight, compact type with thinnest possible inner and outer rings, especially for the thinnest, with high rigidity. It is optimal for application such as joints and swiveling units of industrial robots, swiveling tables of machine centers, rotary units of manipulators, precision tables, medical equipment, measuring instruments and IC manufacturing machines.

High Rotation Accuracy
The spacers fitting among cross arranged rollers prevents rollers from skewing and the rotation torque from increasing due to friction between rollers. The spacers keeps roller or locked rollers. Since the inner and outer rings are designed to be separable, the bearing clearance can be adjusted. In addition, a preload can be applied. These features enable accurate rotation.

Easy Handling
The inner and outer rings, which are separable, are secured to the body after being installed with rollers and spacers. Therefore, it is easy to handle the rings when installing the cross roller bearing.

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