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Hot Sell Cross Roller Bearing Cross Reference

Product Abstract:

CRBH Series (non-separable Inner- or Outer Ring)

CRBH Series Cross Roller Bearings of inside and outside by the integral structure around it, rigid better, particularly suitable for installation size limited, high precision, and at the same time, high rigidity requirements of the occasion.

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Product Description

FRB BEARINGS Crossed roller bearings are lightweight, compact bearings with thinnest possible inner and outer rings with high rigidity, because of its vertical arrangement of cylindrical rollers with a 90°V groove through the separate spacers in the deep groove rolling surface. This special design allows just one bearing to carry loads in all directions including radial, axial and moment loads. 

FRB BEARINGS High Precision Cross Roller Bearings
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Hot Sell Cross Roller Bearing Cross Reference   CRBH Series

Product Description
FRB BEARINGS  High Precision Thin Section Crossed Roller Bearing :Below please find  the reference number of Thin Section Crossed Roller Bearing , and click the number to see more details and specifications.

Cross Roller Bearing Type

CRA Thin Type

CRB Standard Type

CRE Standard Type

CRU Special Type

CRBH Special Type

SX Standard Type

FRB Bearings CRBH Series Drawing:

FRB BEARINGS Thin Section Crossed Roller Bearing Show




Thin Section Crossed Roller Bearing Application:
1) Joints and swiveling units of industrial robots;
2) Swiveling tables of machining centers;
3) Rotary units of manipulators;
4) Precision rotary tables;
5) Medical equipment;
6) Measuring instruments;
7) IC manufacturing machines.
8) Vertical lathe,
9) Grinding machine,
10) Hobbing machine,
11) Wheeling camera,
12) Slewing assembly fixture
13) Working table

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