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Q5.What Is A “Torque Tube” Bearing Or A “Thinex” Bearing?

Q5.What Is A “Torque Tube” Bearing Or A “Thinex” Bearing?

"Torque Tube" bearings and "Thinex" bearings are generic industry names forThin Section Ball Bearings.  While not required, Torque Tube bearings often have an extended inner ring to provide a stronger and stiffer bearing (minimizing torque) than its thinness would allow otherwise.

Generally, Thinex ball bearings are thinner given the same outside diameter than Torque Tube ball bearings (the term Thinex may have been derived from "thinest"); however, there is no standard definition for either in the bearing industry.

Whether called Torque Tube or Thinex ball bearings, Thin Section Ball Bearings are often used as specialized Instrument Ball Bearings where low friction and high accuracy are required, where space is at a premium, and where load support is less important than shaft location.

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