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Since 2003 FRB BEARINGS has been a factory direct manufacturer and supplier providing high-tech industries with custom bearings for their harsh and critical applications.

From our factory located in LUOYANG, we are able to serve our international customer base. We offer short lead times and custom configurations in small lot sizes. We also have the capacity to serve the needs of OEM users by supplying conventional bearings.

FRB BEARINGS products are currently being used in applications such as heavy-duty machines which require large working radius.such as bucket-wheel excavators,wheeled cranes,ship cranes,ladle turret,heavy-duty mobile cranes , index and rotary tables,packing equipment,machine tools,medical devices,optical scanning equipment,radar,statellite and communications equipment,robotics,textile machinery and much more.

Whether your needs call for a few bearings,a few hundred or a few thousand,you can always rely on us for unsurpassed service. FRB Bearings takes price in having extremely competitive prices,rapid to quotes and on-time delivery.


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    slewing ring bearing,slewing drive,cross roller bearings,thin section bearings,rotary table bearings,high precision bearings
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    North America,North-West Europe,Russia, Eastern Europe,
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