Quality Control

FRB BEARINGS quality policy shall guide our actions and direct FRB BEARINGS resources.

FRB BEARINGS shall attain superior performance by fostering cooperation, teamwork, and open communication earning a reputation of integrity and creating an environment of respect and trust.

FRB BEARINGS shall work continuously to improve FRB BEARINGS capability to provide products and services meeting or exceeding FRB BEARINGS customers' expectations.FRB BEARINGS commitment includes:

1). Maintaining manufacturing systems and technologies best suited to the emerging needs of our customers.
2). Developing a highly skilled, well trained, and motivated work force.
3). Fostering long term partnerships with committed and capable suppliers.
4). Providing appropriate professional support staff and systems.
5). Building an organization that embraces quality as its core value and promotes a commitment to excellence and service.
6). Assuring our customers the highest quality products, the most responsive delivery performance, at fair and competitive prices.

Through continuous improvement and innovation,FRB BEARINGS shall establish FRB BEARINGS position as the recognized industry leader for quality, service, reliability, and integrity.

Through constant and aggressive effort to improve FRB BEARINGS capability and performance,FRB BEARINGS shall consistently strive to meet FRB BEARINGS customer's requirements, exceed their expectations, and set the standard against which FRB BEARINGS competition is measured.

Quality Control Documentation:

¨ Organization Chart  

¨ Quality Control Process Chart

¨ Bearing Manufacture Process Report

¨ Production Schedule

¨ Forging Receipt Inspection Report

¨ Productions Process Inspection Report

¨ Gearing Receipt Inspection

¨ Heat Treatment Receipt Inspection Report

¨ Measurement Equipment Inspection Report

¨ Final Inspection Report

¨ Quality Record List

         ¨ Customer Feedback Record   

Quality Control System:

1) Steel factory(the raw material)- To get the test report of raw material and the certification of  Quality

2) Forging factory- Organization crack detection inqualified, makes marking, after annealing  enters the vehicle processing

3) Vehicle processing - Roughing, the lathe finishing inqualified, makes marking, enters the heat treatment processing

4) Heat treatment processing - Quenching, the tempering, examination degree of hardness and the size, after are qualified enters the rough grinding processing

5) Rough grinding processing - Goes to the stress tempering,the bevel edge, oil gap processing, acid pickling crack detection,phosphorization craft

6) Correct girding processing - Uses in the above P5 level (to contain the P5 level) of the bearing, second time goes to stress tempering processing

7) More correct griding processing - Quarantees the stability of the components which organizes in the processing

8) End rubs processing - To degauss, grinds, after the components examination is qualified , then enters to the components end examination station

9) Components end examines - The components laying aside (constant temperature). After the examination is qualified, then assemble.

10) End product inspection - Examination geometry precision and the outward  appearance, and write up the test report, receives the certification of  products.

11) Assembly -  Assembly, the clean, prints the trade mark on the end surface

            12) Packing - Guards against the rust, the packing, then goes into storage

Quality Control Process Chart:

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