Bearing FAQs

  • 5 Points replace and disassemble the slewing bearing of excavator

    The importance of the slewing ring of excavator in machinery is unspeakable.In addition, the slewing bearing is indispensable in excavator and is prone to various faults. For a period of time, new bearings should be replaced.Therefore, today FRB Bearings said that 5 Points replace and disassemble the slewing bearing of excavator. [View Details]
  • Three tips to know when purchasing slewing ring bearings

    When selecting a standard slewing bearings, it is necessary to pay attention to three problems-load, strength of bolts and whether there is a unified bolt hole.Let's have a detailed and comprehensive understanding. [View Details]
  • You have to know the difference between the swing bearings and the ordinary bearing!

    Slewing bearings is a kind of large bearing which can bear comprehensive load, and can bear large axial, radial load and overturning moment at the same time. Slewing ring is also called wheel bearing, some people also call it: swing ring,slewing bearing. [View Details]
  • How to solve the unflexible slewing bearing ?

    For mechanical products, the slewing ring bearing is one of the indispensable parts, but sometimes we will find that it is not flexible would happen, if it is not flexible, so there will be a lot of trouble in use, and there is no way to good work, FRB Bearings appear to share slewing ring binding or movement inflexible reasons and solutions. [View Details]
  • Six key heat treatment technology problems in bearing manufacture

    If the improper heat treatment, bearing heat treatment is the core of the bearing manufacturer, one of the key technology of heat treatment process and the physical properties of raw materials determines the bearing the final hardness, uniformity of hardness, abrasion resistance and contact fatigue life. [View Details]
  • Introduction of bearing heat treatment method

    The quality of heat treatment is directly related to the quality of subsequent processing, which ultimately affects the performance and life of the parts.The heat treatment quality control of bearing parts is the most strict in the whole mechanical industry. [View Details]
  • FRB Bearings resolve how to select crossed roller bearings

    Cross roller bearing is more and more widely used in recent years, but how to choose the most suitable model and structure, is confused by the vast majority of using cross roller bearing customer problems, how to correct selection, FRB Bearings think can reference from the following several aspects. [View Details]
  • Common bearings failure and solutions

    Bearing is an important part of machinery equipment,the bearing will be damaged in application.Different failure,FRB Bearings have different solutions. [View Details]
  • Be careful´╝üSix big failure of bearings

    Bearing is the core part of mechanical . We can check the fault of bearing timely to ensure the normal operation of machinery.Now let's look at six big failure of bearings. [View Details]
  • What's the Application of taper roller bearing in fan gearboxes?

    What's the application of taper roller bearing in fan gearboxes?Fan gear box design is various, but basically all by row star and row class composition.A planet carrier is now more common input, internal gear ring fixation, sun wheel output and pass to the parallel level design as an example, the analysis of common bearing failure modes and the corresponding solutions. [View Details]


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